APRC Council
  • The Honourable. Jose Claveria de Venecia

    Former Speaker of the House of the Philippines

    Also known as JDV or Joe De V, former Speaker of the House of Representative of the Philippines, the fourth highest-ranking official of the Philippine.

    Beginning in 1987, Jose de Venecia has been elected to six terms as a Representative of Pangasinan. He served as Speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives throughout the 9th, 10th, 12th and 13th Congresses of the Philippines. He is the first Filipino who has held the Speakership five times in separate terms.

    As an entrepreneur, Jose de Venecia pioneered overseas contract work for Filipinos where he was one the first Philippine prime contractor in the Middle East and the North Africa in the mid-1970s. He hired 51,000 Filipinos for his companies and engaged in port operations in Saudi Arabia, agriculture in Africa and mass housing and oil exploration in the United Arab Emirates. His Middle East initiative was followed and later led to the employment of millions of Filipinos. In the 1970s, he initiated an oil and gas exploration program and he also was elected president of the Petroleum Association of the Philippines.

    He was a diplomat as Minister-Economic Counselor from 1966 to 1969, who conceived and implemented the historic dollar-remittance program for overseas Filipino workers worldwide. He was one of the Ten Outstanding Congressmen before Martial Law.